Eikenhof Field Trip

On Friday, 19 August, 13 Global Partners Junior learners visited the City of Joburg farm in Eikenhof. The learners were taken through the process of planting all the way to harvesting of crops such as potatoes, beetroot and others.

The learners also had an opportunity to learn about the different machinery that is used to make the farming process much easier. The also got a chance to ride on a tractor to go to the animal farm, where pigs, goats and chickens are kept. They learnt that once the vegetables leave the farm, they are sent to the Joburg market where they are cleaned and packaged.

The learners then travelled to the Joburg Market, where they had an opportunity to do some volunteer work. The City of Joburg provides families who cannot pay for food for funerals with a vegetable package. The learners where asked to pack these packages to hand over to the destitute families.