Annual General Meeting

14 October 2016


Annual General Meeting


Re: Information notice regarding the presentation of the proposed school budget for the year 2017


Parents of all learners are advised that the proposed budget for 2017 will be presented by the School Governing Body to all parents at a meeting to be held at the school as follows:


Date: 16 November 2016

Time: 18:00

Venue: School Hall


The meeting will include the following agenda items


  1. Opening and Welcome
  2. Adopt minutes of previous AGM
  3. The Principal’s report
  4. The Chairperson’s report
  5. Financial statements for the year 2015
  6. Budget


  • Proposed budget for 2017
  • Approve the school fees for 2017
  • Approve the discounts for early settlement of fees
  • Approve interest to be charged on overdue accounts
  • Exemption of school fees

7. Closure


NB: Notification of availability for inspection of proposed 2017 budget


The proposed budget will be available at the school for review from 02 November 2016.