2018 AGM Resolutions


Derived from Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Midrand Primary School held at Midrand Primary School on the 15th November 2018:

The necessary quorum being present it was resolved that:


School fees for the year 2019 would be set at (R10000.00) subject to the following:


  • That school fees is payable in advance at the beginning of each month, save to the extent that any parents have been granted an exemption or partial exemption in accordance with regulations Relating to the Exemption of Parents from payment to School Fee’s in Public Schools, in terms of the South African Schools Act, No 84 of 1996. Closing date for applications will be 28th February 2019.


  • The School may extend the terms of payment, completely at its discretion.


  • Should the School grant any parent any indulgence in the payment of school fees this undertaking in no way changes the fact that the payment of School Fees are statutory duty and not a voluntary agreement, particularly not a credit agreement as defined in terms of the National Credit No.34 of 2005.


  • Should the School allow any parent any form of extended payment and they default and fail any single installment by the due date, then the whole amount that’s outstanding will become immediately due payable.


  1. Parents will be required to:


  • Authorise the school to do credit bureau on them and in the event of any school fees due by any parent not being paid, they authorise the school to inform any relevant credit bureau and have their names listed with them.


  • Choose an address as their legal domicile for service of all legal notices and processes by the school.


  1. Any Person who is not the biological parent or guardian of any child that they wish to    register at the school – shall, save in so far as they legally exempt, be required to accept responsibility of parent as defined in Section 1 of the Schools Act


  1. A compulsory book deposit fee of R300.00 will be levied to all learners receiving textbooks or library books on or before the 09th of January 2019


  • A refund will be processed when a learner /child is transferring to another school provided all text books they returned are in good condition.


  1. 10% discount for early settlement of school fees before end of March 2019 shall be offered to qualifying parents.


  1. Parents with three (3) or more learners shall pay 18% less of R10000.00 (R8200.00) per learner from the third and subsequent learners.


  1. 18% interest to be charged on overdue payments on an annual basis.


  1. The equivalent criteria for total exemption, partial exemption and conditional exemption shall apply to deserving parents upon applying for such in line with the GDE regulations and other relevant legislation.


  1. The school would attract and retain best performing GDE and SGB personnel through additional incentives/section 38A.


  1. Reserves will be invested with a 24 hour notice period for withdrawal.


  1. Parents mandate the SGB to divert funds from one item to the other when or if necessary within the budget.




The resolution for school fees was adopted without any dissenting view after a thorough debate.