15 Novels 2018

The battle of the books is a literacy enhancing reading competition for Grade 6 and 7 learners in a group of 8. 15 novels must be read from February to August in order to prepare for the first round (library round) of the competition. Learners competed against 5 other schools, including private schools. A series of various difficult questions were asked and learners accumulated points. At the end of two rounds, Midrand Primary learners earned first place, leading by 22 points. They will proceed to the next level of the competition which is the Zonal round to be held in Diepsloot Library in September.


Mbali Malapile
Mayek Chetty
Kavy Maimela
Tshiamo Makhafola
Presley Sibanda
Zivai Mapiye
Emmanuel Magona
Caitlyn Naick
Coordinator: Mr. NS. Govender