Newsletter #02 2019


All parents are invited to the compulsory parents’ evening to be held on 17 January 2019 from 16h00-19h00. It is compulsory for at least one parent/guardian to attend, as parents will be able to meet their children’s class teachers, as well as set academic targets for Term 1. This meeting is critical for our planning and evaluation of our work and parent’s support is important in this regard. The Grade 1 parents will attend a meeting in their child’s classroom, which will start promptly at 4pm.



Parents who wish to apply for school fees exemption are advised to collect application forms from the credit control office from Monday, 21 January 2019. Forms are to be completed and returned to the credit control office. The application period will close on Thursday, 28 February 2019. Kindly note that no applications will be accepted after the closing date.



Parents of prefects are reminded to pay the overdue amount of R650 immediately. The payment was due in December 2018. We appeal to parents to pay urgently.



The Inter-House Athletics competition will take place tomorrow, 18 January 2019 from 7:30 to 13:30. The Grade 1 learners will be excused at 12:00, and Grade 2 learners at 13:00. They should be collected from their classrooms or usual pick up points. All learners are to be dressed strictly in their PE shorts and their house colour T-shirts. NO dresses/jeans will be allowed. Learners should wear caps for sun protection.  Parents are requested to pack healthy lunches and water bottles for their children. Learners are required to bring books to school. House colours are as follows: Leopards- Red, Lions- Green, Pumas- Yellow and Tigers- Blue.


SCHOOL TIMES: Please note that school times are as follows:


Days Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4-7 LSEN
Monday 7:45-12:00 7:45-13:00 7:45-13:30 7:45-14:00 7:45-13:00
Tuesday 7:45-12:00 7:45-13:00 7:45-13:30 7:45-14:00 7:45-13:00
Wednesday 7:45-12:00 7:45-13:00 7:45-13:30 7:30-13:30 7:45-13:00
Thursday 7:30-12:00 7:30-13:00 7:30-13:30 7:30-13:30 7:30-13:00
Friday 7:30-12:00 7:30-13:00 7:30-13:30 7:30-14:00 7:30-13:00


Grade 1 learners will be released at 1pm daily from 04 February 2019. Kindly note that there is a compulsory waiting class for all Foundation Phase learners who are not fetched by transport drivers or parents. Only learners who walk home will be released and the rest of the learners will remain in the waiting class. The waiting class times are as follows: Monday, Tuesday and Friday until 2pm and Wednesday and Thursday until 13:30. All the parents and learners are reminded that punctuality is a must and non-negotiable. We expect maximal cooperation in this regard.



All parents are urged to cover all exercise books with the relevant subject cover as well as good quality plastic by Friday, 11 January 2019.



Please consult page 4 of the school diary for the summer uniform for boys and girls.  All learners are to be attired accordingly. Except for prefects, learners are not allowed to wear white socks. Grade 4-7 learners are instructed to wear their white school shirts and school tie every Tuesday for assembly.



Learners received their textbooks last week Friday, together with a loan form. Parents/guardian are reminded to check their child’s textbooks according to the codes on the loan form. The signed loan forms were due together with the textbooks on Monday, 14 January 2019. Textbooks are to be taken care of. Textbooks will not be shared among learners. In order to avoid paying for lost or damaged textbooks, parents and learners are encouraged to take good care of all the textbooks as it is the property of the state. Please note that only parents/guardians may sign for textbooks, unless indicated otherwise through written communication to the class teacher.



Learners are invited to attend gymnastics trials to join the Midrand Primary School Gymnastics Club. This trial is an excellent opportunity for your child to develop skills, improve stature, technique, strength and flexibility knowledge in a challenging and enjoyable environment. Attire: Girls – black or blue short tights and a t-shirt (hair must be away from the face and neat) / Boys – short pants and t-shirt. Place: school hall. Date: 22 January 2019. Expected Skills: Backward and forward roll, bunny jump, handstand, cartwheel, 10 sit ups and 5 push-ups. Please note that attending trials does NOT guarantee the learner a place in the team as there is very limited space! Please revert back to Mrs. Stokes if there are queries.



All parents are requested to ensure that their school fees account is up to date. School fees can be paid at the school’s finance office using debit or credit card or by direct deposit into the school’s bank account. No cash will be accepted.