Grade 3

Stationery List For 2020

1          Junior Briefcase/ Satchel (3 or 4 divisions)

1          Chair bag

1          A4 2 ring binder (not lever arch file)

1          Croxley Book Bag (A4 document folder)

1          Retractable Wax Crayons

3          Staedtler / Faber – Castell pencil crayons (set of 12)

1          Set of 12 thin wax crayons

1          Set of thin koki pens

2         Black permanent markers – bullet type

30        Staedtler HB pencils (no eraser on back   PLEASE!!!!)

4          Bic fine point blue pens

1          Pencil sharpener with fitted container

4          Erasers

1          Pair blunt nose scissors

4          Pritt Glue Sticks (20g)

1          Bottle Pritt project glue

1          Long pencil bag

3          30cm shatterproof ruler (clear)

1          Oil pastels box (set of 16)

2          Whiteboard markers

1          A4 Whiteboard

1          Small board duster or cloth

1          500 sheet (80g) ream of white copier paper – Typek brand only please

1          Pack/ book A4 coloured paper (50 sheets)

1          Pack/ book A4 coloured cardboard (20 sheets)

30        Plastic sleeves

2          30 pocket flip file

2          roll toilet paper

1          2L Clean, empty ice- cream container (to store extra stationery)

10        A4 Heavy duty plastic book covers (Clear)

1          Oxford Primary Dictionary

2          Boxes tissues (200)

1           hand soap

1           hand sanitizer

1          School Diary

Compulsory:  3 division briefcase style school bag (no soft satchels allowed)

Compulsory:  Midrand Primary School Diary – available from the school

  • Please ensure that all stationery is of good quality. Poor quality pencils crack and cannot be sharpened, which is frustrating for the child and hampers their ability to work effectively.
  • Please supply Staedler or Faber Castel brands only.
  • Please ensure that all stationery items are sent to school on the first school day as your child will be using them immediately
  • Please replace items immediately should they be lost or depleted
  • No child will be allowed to share stationery.
  • Please ensure that each item of clothing and stationery is individually marked. This helps the child to identify his/her belongings easily.