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What We Stand For

To provide a dynamic English medium primary school experience that nurtures young minds, fosters a passion for learning, and instills essential values. We aim to create a supportive environment where students thrive academically, develop strong English language skills, and embrace diversity, preparing them for success in a global society.


What We Stand For

Our school is guided by a commitment to fostering respect, integrity, and curiosity among our learners. We prioritize a collaborative and inclusive community where every child is encouraged to express themselves, embrace diversity, and demonstrate empathy. Through a foundation built on honesty, responsibility, and a love for learning.

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We Are Providing an Environment for Our Learners to Grow & Excel

At Midrand Primary School, we are dedicated to fostering an empowering environment for our learners to thrive and excel. We believe in providing more than just education; we create a supportive ecosystem where individuals can cultivate their skills, embrace curiosity, and unlock their full potential. Our commitment extends beyond traditional learning, encouraging personal and professional growth through innovative approaches, collaborative experiences, and a culture that values diversity and inclusion. Join us on a journey of continuous learning and discovery, where every individual is nurtured to become a confident, capable, and empowered contributor to the ever-evolving world. Your success is our priority, and together, we build a foundation for lifelong excellence.

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Teaching the Professionals of tomorrow

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Greetings! I’m delighted to welcome you to Midrand Primary School. As the principal, my commitment is to provide a nurturing environment for academic excellence and character development. Our dedicated team of educators inspires a love for learning, creativity, and critical thinking. Explore our website to discover more about our programs and the exciting opportunities we offer. Thank you for being part of the Midrand Primary family, where we work together for the success and well-rounded development of every learner.



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Non-Discrimination Policy

At Midrand Primary School, we are dedicated to cultivating an environment that celebrates diversity, equality, and respect for all. Discrimination on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, socioeconomic status, or any other protected characteristic is strictly prohibited. We expect all members of our school community, including staff and students, to contribute to a culture free from discrimination. Any incidents will be promptly addressed through thorough investigations, with consequences for violations as necessary. Our commitment extends to providing education and training programs to foster awareness and understanding. Midrand Primary School actively monitors and reviews this policy to ensure its effectiveness, and we continually strive to implement initiatives that promote inclusivity and unity within our school.